Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gill Alhama'at Leaked!

Breaking news people! We got some leaks on Gill Alhama'at, and boy, now I understand why they've kept him under wraps for so long. This dude is a doozey!

The image is really blurry (It was ripped from a now-removed Youtube video), so let me translate:

Judgment 0: Play this only if there are seven or more mana counters on this card.
Energize (Light?)/Black
Mana 1
Remove a mana counter: Make any attribute of will, spend it only on Ancient Magics.
Resonance Light or Dark stone: Put a mana counter on this card.

So here we have the big baddie himself, rocking the Ruler's Memoria for Ancient Magics. Goodbye Sol, Mercerius, and Mars. This dude can do everything they do. Granted, he only starts with 1 counter, but he has a built-in way to make more. But what does he flip into, you ask?

1000 ATK / 1000 DEF
Judgment: Remove 20 mana counters from this card and RFG all other cards you control.
Mana 1
Remove a mana counter: Make any color will, use it only for Ancient Magics
Resonance Light or Dark Stone: Put 2 mana counters on this card.

Whaaaaaat? Judgment on a J-Ruler? What madness is this? Well, we'll go into that next. Aside from that, he's pretty much the same as his Ruler side. He'll get one more counter for flipping, and he gets 2 counters for calling a stone instead of just one. 20 to judgment is pretty costly, but very doable in a dedicated deck. Want to see what all that works gets you?

2000 ATK / 2000 DEF
First Strike
Chants in your hand gain "Ancient Magic"
You may play Ancient Magics from your hand without paying their costs.

Literally card game Jesus. A whopping 2000/2000 body with virtually every keyword (minus Pierce) in the game. Barrier against everything. Every chant you play is free. I assume that means you can awaken Ancient Magics for free as well. RIP everything 2k17. From the looks of it, you actually unfold the card and he's on the inside. That's a very awkward mechanic, and I question how stable that crease is. We'll have to wait for the official reveal for that, I suppose. But if you manage to flip this guy (Which I doubt will be too hard in a dedicated mana counter turbo deck) you basically win. I can't wait to see what builds come up around him!


  1. Ehm. Can i ask you a question. This card has 3 faces. But a card have hust 2 faces. So is it placed?

    1. From what we've been told, it folds. The Ruler and 1st J-Ruler are on the front and back, but they fold open and the 2nd J-Ruler takes up those two card faces.

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