Monday, November 28, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #13 - Impressions: The Finale

Here we are folks, the final spoiler for the set. Oddly enough, we've only seen about 70 or so cards from the set, leaving a good 20-30 cards left unrevealed. This ought to make the pre-release weekend pretty interesting, assuming the unknown cards are actually decent/usable and not vanilla filler slipped in for draft play. That being said, let's see what our grande finale unveiled:

Right off the bat we get Grusbalesta, who is just a wall of text. 600/600 for a 3-drop is pretty abysmal in the stats department, but since he pumps himself for each unique magic stone you control, he'll easily be 700/700 or 800/800, which is reasonable. All of your stone getting Barrier means immunity to Hook, which is nice if you see a lot of Hook play, and especially since one of the top dogs at the moment is Fiethsing Turbo with Alice's Castling Gwiber into Hook. Being able to cycle stones on-enter is also pretty interesting, although I wonder how useful it will actually be. The most obvious use is in Lilias Petal, where you can kill off any non-Killing Stones to try to dig for more. You can also use him with the old Battle for Attoractia J/Rulers, who need their specific stones to function. The stones coming in rested is a bit of a downside, but is reasonable. You can float the will from the dead stones beforehand, so you don't actually lose any will, and you can also use Rewriting Laws to spend that floating will to recover a couple of your new stones.

His final effect is negligible. Virtually no decks run 5 unique stones in their lineup, since it's usually a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 split. I don't even know what a stone base would look like if you were running at least 5 different magic stones, and getting Swiftness that late in the game doesn't mean too much outside of cheesing a win. An 1100/1100 3-drop with Swiftness sounds pretty nasty, though. There's also Shakespeare, if you're playing in Wanderer. She is a 3-drop Void resonator that puts the top stone of your stone deck into play if it doesn't share a name with a stone you currently control. Maybe we'll see some janky build with these two at some point, but I doubt it'll be anything close to competitive.

Here's an interesting little gem. Turning a Magic Stone into a resonator is a neat idea, and is a great way to cheese some damage in. 2 will to generate a 1000/1000 Swiftness beatstick out of nowhere can certainly catch people off guard, although in reality this card's cost is 3 will, since you won't be using it on a rested stone. This feels almost identical to Marybell, the Steel Doll, who is a Regalia that you can turn into a resonator for 5 will, 3 will if you're using Machina as your J/Ruler. Keep in mind that you run the risk of losing a stone if something were to happen to it while it's a resonator, although if you have Grusbalesta on the field it'll have Barrier. I don't expect this card to see much competitive play, but it'll definitely be a rogue card you can be blind sided by if you aren't careful.

This card is completely bonkers. Cancelling a spell, then removing all copies of it from the game? Super strong. It's almost identical to Stories Told in 1001 Nights, a card from Grimm Cluster that did the same thing but to resonators. We're in a much spell-heavier format, though, so this card is sure to make an impact. With cards like Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic and Space-Time Anomaly, which can be remnanted for more value, Curse can essentially hit 8 cards if you time it right. Since Space-Time is a huge advantage engine, removing it from the equation can severely hamper the opponent's strategy. Nuking all copies of a regalia like Artemis Bow or Deathscythe can hobble a Fiethsing deck by removing its free cards it uses to trigger her ability. Sniping a Zero's Magic Light, the cheap defense Zero decks get that let them cheese some attacks through, can slow that deck down immensely. As long as you're paying enough X to make it impossible for the opponent to pay it, you're good. This card is going to take a LOT of skill and good timing to properly utilize, though, since the opponent can still negate it with something like Seal of Wind and Light, or even use their own Curse to remove all of your copies. The mind games will be amazing.

This is one of the more flexible cards we've seen. It isn't at instant speed, and is pretty costly at 3 will, but the range of things it can snipe are great. Anything that's rested: Additions, Resonators, and even J-Rulers! As long as it isn't a magic stone, it's fair game. Do note that it can't kill Rulers, since the rules of the game don't allow Rulers to be destroyed unless a card specifically states "destroy target Ruler." Remnant also means this is essentially two cards in one, giving you two uses off of the one card. Its cost, combined with it not being instant, might mean it won't see competitive play, but after rotation happens and we lose Black Moonbeam, this will be one of the only few cards that can kill J-Rulers on demand, and since we'll also lose all regalia (and thus almost every way to give Imperishable to a J-Ruler), this card is looking to be a strong sleeper.

The final card we got was this Addition, and it's a little meh. You're basically paying 2 mana to get 1 more stone, which is exactly what Magic Stone Analysis does, except this card can recover your Special Stones. There isn't too much Addition hate in the game, and most of it doesn't see competitive play, so you'll be pretty safe when you play this. It's worth noting that when you use Grusbalesta's Secret Technique, the magic stone is considered both a resonator and a stone, so it's still a legal target for this. A 1000/1000 card that can attack twice, or even three times with two of these, sounds like a fun combo to try out. This can also combo with the new Shock Rocks in this set, which have additional effects aside from producing mana, letting you stack up on those effects. There's a lot of potential with this card.

And there we have it! All the spoilers for this set, which hits shelves December 9th. We're looking at the Sneak Peaks this weekend, and I definitely plan on doing articles about any interesting cards we haven't seen yet, but aside from that we've officially closed out spoiler season. Keep your eyes peeled for some neat articles I've got coming up, as I'm going to try to keep this same Tuesday/Friday update schedule. With spoilers no longer taking up all the news, I'll be looking at deck lists, my opinions on other aspects of the game, and more!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #12 - Impressions

I'm a little late getting to this one, but I just got back from vacation (which was amazing by the way), but that just means I've had that much more time to mull over these cards! So let's go ahead and just dive right in.

This was one of the cards I was most hyped to see out of this set, and honestly, I'm disappointed. Stealing all 100/100 counters on the field is a neat mechanic, but that's it; it's just neat. It sucks away all of YOUR counters, so all the work you'd put in to pumping your Second or Third Daughter just got stolen, meaning your Third Daughter can't even attack unless you get more counters on her. 100/100 counters as a general mechanic aren't seen nearly enough in most decks for this to get any real advantage from stealing counters from the opponent, either. This can get REAL big against a Force deck, but those aren't exactly common. The biggest issue is that you're putting all of your eggs into one basket, so any removal spell that gets rid of Yashahime after she vacuums up your counters means ALL your counters are just gone.

Her second ability kind of makes up for that, and in the long run it will double the number of counters you initially had, but the long game doesn't happen too often, especially since she'll be a pretty big body that should be smashing face.

This guy is the first in too long of a line built to support Yashahime. 700/700 for 2 will is above what is allowed, meaning he's the strongest 2 drop you can possibly have, with the trade off of pumping one of your opponent's resonators 200/200 when he enters. The idea is to play him, pump something of the opponent's, then play Yashahime the next turn to steal the counters. That's gimmicky and really doesn't get you anywhere, given the issues I already brought up with Yashahime herself. You get this guy for full value if you manage to play him when the opponent's field is empty, but even then you'd just be getting a 700/700 vanilla which doesn't mean much.

Here's something a little more plausible in the "Playable Yashahime support" category, albeit a weak entry. The idea with Yashamaru is to use the cards that put 100/100 counters on your opponent's resonators, which opens the doors for him to be able to flat-out kill them. It's essentially a less consistent version of the Seijuro + Urashima combo that relies on pumping your opponent's cards. If Yashamaru AND a counter-adder were playable at instant speed then maybe, but even then you'd be killing a 100/100 counter that Yashahime would want to steal. This guy is a cute, niche side option against Force and against decks that like using their Nameless Mist, and really nothing more.

The last Yashahime support card revealed in this spoiler, it's likely the most playable of the set. An instant speed 2-mana card that forces the opponent to banish a resonator. Pretty neat, right? Aside from giving every other J/resonator they control a 100/100 counter, although that at least has its work-arounds. Against something like Fiethsing Turbo, which is the most prominent meta force at the moment, you'd certainly side this out. Against decks that only stick to 1 or 2 resonators, though, this thing is nasty, especially since it gets around Barrier. 

I really don't like this whole "support Yashahime" theme they did, since Vampires themselves weren't fleshed out to begin with. They didn't need a sub-theme, and a bad one at that. I'd have much preferred them to give us a couple more cards that give your own Vampires 100/100 counters, or interact with your counters in some manner. Or at least made Yashahime better and more synergistic with the rest of the deck. Oh well, at least there's still hope in the Fourth Daughter.

This card is... meh. I REALLY wanted it to be good, but I just don't see it. It's searchable with Gill Lapis, who can Shift to put it into play, but that's really it. Hard casting a 6-drop is no small feat, and the amount of reanimation effects are few and far between, plus there are just better reanimation targets. This guy is really strong against decks that go wide, but the only relevant deck that does that is Fiethsing Turbo. RFGing Guins, Rukh Eggs, Messenger Familiars, Tamas, and all the 1-drop weenie turbo fuel they use is an amazing effect, but alas, it won't usually happen. Fiethsing's tokens are 0-cost resonators, so more often than not, this thing will hit the one or two of them that are lurking on the field. Cheesing him into the field with Gill means you hit one or two tokens, swing for 12 in the air (or maybe trade with a Gwiber), then he gets removed from the game with Shift Gill's effect. At that point you're still just better off with Behemoth for the guaranteed 1500 damage. 

I'm still not sure how to feel about this card. It's a Stoning to Death at chant speed, which makes it pretty bleh in terms of usefulness, but has the advantage of not being able to be cancelled. This is a guaranteed kill, and is searchable with Rune of Sol. However, not being instant speed, and thus not a reactive spell, is a huge hit. The opponent can still respond to it, too, so things like Apollo can still be used to save the resonator. I'm pretty sure Barrier stops this, too, so Magic Sweets is always a legitimate counter. If you want to awaken this card, paying a total of 6 for it, you can return it to your hand after it resolves. That's... neat? Obviously only a Seven Luminary, with a buttload of Mana counters, would ever be able to use the awakening, although I don't ever see a reason to blow 6 mana to kill 1 card. You could play Nidhogg for that much. Jordan has also said multiple times that a Darkness Luminary "won't use Mana the same way the others do," which means you may not even be able to play this card with it's Mana counters. All in all, this card just feels underwhelming.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #11 - Impressions

This is a bit early, but since today's spoilers got leaked last night and I'll be gone all week on vacation, I figured I'd throw this up early. There are some diamonds in the rough in this reveal, so I was just too excited to wait anyway.

First off, "official" ruling is that abilities and effects have their source's cost inherently tied to it. So if you have 2 cards in hand Charlotte is immune to something like Space-Time Anomaly, but also immune to Lancelot's burn effect since Lancelot as a card has total cost 2, thus so will his effect. To my understanding, J-Rulers are treated as having cost 0, and I'm not sure how this interacts with God's Arts. There's a lot of ruling mumbo jumbo that's going to come up just from this card's 1 keyword. Assuming she works as described, she has the capability to spawn an entirely new deck based solely around her. Throwing in a bunch of draw cards, or cards that cantrip and replace themselves, will let you play the game while keeping a hand size, then dropping her as a Behemoth.

Obviously she's going to work best with herself as the ruler. Either play her, then flip the next turn to hit a 5-card hand and make her 1000/1000, or flip and then play her the next turn. You'll end up with her as at least a 1000/1000 no matter how you do it, and with immunity to anything 5-cost or less. I'm not sure there's anything higher than 5 cost that's routinely used in the game, so you might just have game at that point. Keep in mind that Barrier won't save her from things that banish, like Lucifer or Soul Hunt, but a lot of those things have fallen out of the meta. As long as you have a deck that can keep a consistent 4-5 hand size, she'll be nigh-unkillable.

Shout out to the Pitch Black Moon / Charlotte's Protector combo. You pitch Charlotte's Protector for the effect of Moon, targeting any resonator (ideally a 2nd Protector) and then draw a card off of Protector's effect, netting you a +1 in hand size. If you have 2 protectors, you get to draw as many times as you have moon will open. A Gill Lapis variant of this deck might spring up from this combo, so watch out!

There's really not much to this card. The thought of getting a powerful resonator for 1 will may seem enticing, but decks tend not to run anything higher than 5 cost, and those are only found in the few decks that focus on them. Most decks cap out at getting a 500/500 with this card, which requires you to get lucky enough to mill that big resonator, which also results in you not having access to it. I'm sure Turbo Fieth would like to lose a Gwiber to get a 500/500 vanilla, right? The only deck this card is remotely viable in would be Shion, where she can stack 7+ cost units with Hydromonica, but even then you're just getting a vanilla unit. Shion would rather stack the 5-costs she can cheese in. Would you rather stack a Remote Control Golem, then mill it with this card for a 1000/1000 vanilla? Or would you rather stack a Celestial Wing Seraph, then flip Shion to get a 1000/1000 body that nets you another resonator? Or Hook, who is a 1000/1000 body that kills 2 of the opponent's stones?

This might have some cute Wanderer uses, though. The OG Cheshire Cat being playable in that format would allow for some on-demand deck stacking, and reanimator decks have a lot of tools to work with in Grimm Cluster, so running tons of high-cost units wouldn't be detrimental. Milling a Yamata with this would mean a 10/10 vanilla AND a Yamata in the graveyard, ready to be revived. This thing actually has tons of Wanderer potential.

Here we have the card I just reviewed, but more expensive and with a body. All there is to talk about here is the opportunity cost. With Fishing you have cheap access to potentially big tokens, whereas with this guy you're paying 2 more will for the same thing, but also a second card with a 700/700 body. I think that Fishing will shine in combo, reanimator-based decks, this guy will shine in something like the new Valentina deck. Bodies are always welcomed, and 2 resonators for 3 will isn't bad by any means. Moojdart will also pump the token 400/400 and the old man by 200/200, so you'd really be getting a 900/900 and 400/400 (minimum) for 3 will. Not bad at all.

It looks like we'll be getting more Pact cards than just the dual typings supported in this set. It isn't a Water/Light card, which is interesting, and it's honestly over-costed for what it does. Draw 2 and bounce 1, at chant speed, isn't all that great. I'm not sure how often you'll get a light resonator and a water resonator out together, since I can't think of any deck that uses that color combo off the top of my head, and I highly doubt that deck would need access to this card anyway. This has the same problem as Foresee, where you just lose too much tempo from playing this card.

Outside of Charlotte, this card had me the most hyped. It's weak as dirt, sure, but it has a built-in hyper advantage engine, meaning it's only a matter of time before someone finds a way to abuse this card. Moojdart makes it a 500/700, which are some decent stats that will keep it from dying to Space-Time, and Necromancy is always a good card. Could you imagine 4 Necromancies on this thing? A 900/1100 that hits your opponent's hand and makes your's bigger? Wait... A 9/11 that hits 2 towers hands...

Image result for illuminati

You heard it here first. FoW Inc. is the Illuminati. If I never make another blog post, you'll know why.

This thing has some serious troll potential. Unfortunately it can't redirect Hook, since he targets 2 things and not 1, but it still has plenty of targets. Stealth is still a strong deck, so imagine rebounding a Melder effect back onto itself, or sticking a Space-Time Anomaly on your opponent's card instead of your own. Valentina will also get a -200/-200 proc off of playing this card, which is important to note. You also don't have to use it defensively either. You managed to take down a Gwiber, but your opponent tries to use Apollo to bounce it and protect it? Nah son, now you're bouncing your own Elf Token. Your opponent uses Magic Sweets to keep their card from dying to a removal spell you cost? How about their Magic Sweets gives one of your cards Barrier for the turn instead. Hijack your opponent's cards for your own advantage! Wait, Hijack...

Image result for illuminati

Friday, November 18, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #10 - Impressions

Today's spoiler is focused solely on Fairy Tales. I know I still have PTSD from CFC being dominated by them, and most of them not even being usable, but FoW reigned in their Fairy Tale hard-on and didn't flood the set with them this time, and they're pretty neat to boot.

Snow White hopped off the red wagon and joined white. That's cool, we didn't want you anyway. She kept her focus on counters, though, which is something the Fairy Tales of Lapis Cluster have kind of thrown to the wayside, so it's nice to see that theme get some love again. She comes into play with two 100/100 counters for each light magic stone you control, and it's important to note that she isn't like Wendy and will count your dual stones, so long as they're part white. I'm not the biggest fan of this, since it would have been nice to see some more basic stone love. At minimum she'll enter as an 800/800, which is a little weak for a 4-drop, and she doesn't scale as you call more stones. She can, however, dump her counters onto something else. You have to pay 1 light will to move a counter so she's going to be very expensive in the long run, and it isn't feasible to try to mass-dump her counters onto something else if she gets hit with removal. She's a neat concept, and works as a pseudo-will sink if need be, but I question how much play she'll actually see. It's worth noting that she completely dodges Charlotte's Transformation Magic, due to how it interacts with 100/100 counters, which is cool.

Keeping in theme with Snow White, the Seven Dwarves use 100/100 counters. They enter as a 700/700, which is fair for a 3-cost. It can't be dealt damage, but it removes a 100/100 counter instead. So attempting to damage this 7 times kills it, and it'll auto-die to a Space Time Anomaly if used by New Valentina. If only for that reason, I doubt this will see much play, but it's worth noting that if you manage to give it some sort of permanent stat buff, it will never die. It will always prevent damage, even if it doesn't have counters to remove, so using an Addition that can buff it's DEF will give you an undying blocker. Valkyrie Alice, the J-Ruler from Alice Cluster, will also flat-out prevent the Dwarves from removing counters from themselves. It's nice to see some retro support like that.

This card is... eh. It just feels like it's missing something. Using up a card to give something a 200/200 buff, even if it's permanent, just doesn't feel like I'm getting my value out of a card. For 1 will I can play Charlotte's Bear Magic, Lightning Strike/Demonflame, Dreams of Flight, etc. Maybe if this had remnant, or gave a keyword, or did Force for the number of counters it put on, but as-is this card just feels underwhelming. Mikage might be able to use it for more 100/100 counter turbo, especially if his other 2 daughters need a lot of those to work. This card and Snow White might be able to spawn a neat Black/White Mikage deck.

Oh man, a beefy high-cost resonator that doesn't give you immediately value on-enter? Who got Oni in my Fairy Tale? That said, Barrier against chants is HUGE, as it protects this guy from Charlotte's Magic AND Zero's Light Magic, two of the easiest and most common resonator removal cards in the game. It even takes two Melder effects to completely kill this guy. There are still ways to get around him, like Rachel, Hook, and Charlotte's J-Ruler side, but those aren't nearly as popular as the chant removal that most meta decks use. You can even tap him to burn every non-flying J/resonator for 800, which can totally wipe a Fiethsing player's board and kill Riza's, which is huge. If the opponent flips double Riza into double Melder, you can respond by tapping him and nuking the Riza's, which means he'll end up surviving even if they used both Melder effects on him. Unfortunately, he hits your own field too, so plan accordingly.

And it looks like FoW has learned their lesson from the Oni's too! Here we have an easy way to cheese Giant into the field. Whenever Jack deals damage to the opponent you can banish him to play a Skyscraper Giant from your deck. With 800/800 on a 3-drop, Jack is perfectly on curve for his cost. You can put him and Giant in a Red/Light Millium deck with Library of Alexandria and watch the world burn. Turn 2, play Library and call Fairy Tales. Turn 3 play Jack, who has swiftness from the library, and hit the opponent for 800 and tag out for Skyscraper Giant. Who also has Swiftness. That's 2500 damage in one turn, or you can use Giant to nuke the opponent's field. Since Jack and Giant are Green and Red, respectively, you could even run them in a Sylvia deck. That would give you access to Gale Force, the chant we saw last week that kills something with Flying, to deal with the things Giant can't kill.

The final card is Planting Beans, and it's easily the most interesting. You can either play it for 1 green, or awaken it for GG1. Playing it regularly let's you send any card from your deck to your graveyard, and awakening it let's you then add that card to your hand. You can send Deathscythe to the grave, then add it to your hand with its own effect, or you can send something like Necromancy to get the engine going. Reanimator decks love this card just because it lets you put your big targets into the grave to be revived later. You can use Apollo to effectively make this a 2-will search any card from your deck. The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #9 - Impressions

As the release date of Legacy Lost draws ever closer, being only a couple weeks away, we're moving out of the dual-attribute cards and seeing the standard single-color guys that round out the set. This particular article was focused more on the Inheritance cards.

Finally, something good. Amaterasu is an 800/800 for 3, which is pretty good, and is one of the few Inheritance cards that has a good resonator effect. She's packing lifelink, which always nice, but also has a recurring effect. 2 light will and resting 2 resonators lets you put her into your field from your graveyard, rested. This gives her pseudo-swiftness since you'll be doing this at the end of your opponent's turn. This one effect gives her so much flexibility. Discarding her for Soul Hunt or Guinevere means she's still live, your opponent making you discard her with something like Lapis' Dark Storm doesn't do much, and it has natural synergy with her Inheritance. It also makes her the best discard target for New Faria's discard/filter skill for Inheritance cards. All-around, she's just solid.

Her Inheritance effect is pretty meh, though. For the cost of playing her, you pump something 800/800 for the turn. That's a LOT of will to leave open for a defensive pump on the opponent's turn, and it's a lot to pay for soft advantage. You can play Interdimensional Escape for the same cost. Faria's ability, though, is important to remember here. She makes the first Inheritance you play each turn free, so a huge stat buff like this with no cost could actually be really strong. An opponent that sees you're tapped out can easily get lulled into a false sense of security.

If this card were released 2 sets ago, it would have been amazing. Preventing ALL damage done by ALL J/resonators for the turn is a panic button against OTK decks. The Machina decks that started topping after BFA came out would completely be shut down by this, and give you an extra turn to mount a comeback. I know of a few R/R Alice's World decks that ran Sprint of the Beast Lady for a huge push from the weenies, and this would have been perfect against that. While we don't see many of these decks anymore, Stealth is still a very prominent force in the meta and this card can definitely stall the Riza-Riza-Melder-Melder fields that pop up out of nowhere. All-in-all, I'd say this certainly warrants a couple slots in the side board if the meta calls for it.

Bastet is one of the more interesting Inheritance cards. She isn't generic in the slightest, but she has legitimately good resonator AND Inheritance effects. While she's a creature, your Cthulhus deal double damage to J/resonators. There's a Beastly Attack combo in here somewhere. There's even more of a Wanderer combo, where we have access to Moojdart to change races. Her Inheritance effect, though, first struck me as meh. Lunya, Yog, Hastur, and Azathoth are really the only cards that see much play that could benefit from this. Lunya definitely doesn't want more Limit counters, and Hastur usually doesn't live long enough to try to give him more counters. Azathoth is the best target, but seeing how difficult he is to get out, it doesn't sound too reasonable.

Yog-Sothoth, though. Flip him early/for cheap, run down his counters, then use Bastet to refill them. He's really strong against Fiethsing turbo, being able to nuke all their 1-drop cards, the refill him with Bastet to hit Gwibers and the 5-costs the next turn. I don't think this will shoot Yog up the competitive ladder, but it'll definitely give him some more viability.

Honestly, while Gleipnir is still legal, I don't see this getting much play. It lets you break even with the draw, but it costs will (albeit only 1) and is a one-time use, versus Gleipnir being usable every turn. Being a red spell, it can benefit from Avatar of Destruction Alisaris, Vell-Savaria, and Nyarlathotep the Crimson Radiance, but it's such a bad play to use any of those that it isn't really worth mentioning. Maybe once Alice Cluster rotates out and we get something that can combo out with this, but until then, I doubt it'll see play outside of sealed.

Oh Milest, how far ye have fallen. The other Six Sages get to be J/Rulers or have cool resonator forms, but you're just a glorified burn spell. Oh well. He suffers the standard Inheritance curse of being a vanilla resonator with a spell effect that is outclassed by existing cards. He has the advantage of New Faria letting you play the ability for free, but is that really worth it? I'd say no. It's worth noting that 600 damage is going to get rid of virtually any 2-drop, so you can do blocker removal stuff, but again, there are better cards for that.

See: Above. There's really nothing auspicious about this guy. For the same total cost as Amaterasu, he's weaker AND doesn't any any sort of abilities. And gives less of a power increase... FoW, why?!? This guy might be good in sealed, but that's really no excuse for him.

Overall, Inheritance is looking a lot weaker than it could/should have been, but I think it'll be a lot more streamlined/effective in testing that in theory crafting. I was really looking forward to the mechanic when Faria got spoiled, and I still plan to build it and mess around with it as I think the deck definitely has potential. I'll wait to see if any other Inheritance cards get revealed/sneak their way into the set before doing a full review on them, so be on the look out for that!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #8 - Impressions

Today's spoiler brought us something that's relatively new this spoiler season: Mono-color cards! Yes, there were quite a few of those last spoiler, but these are actually pretty good. So shush. With that, let's just dive in!

Fiethsing makes her triumphant re-debut as a resonator, although she's changed since the last time we saw her like this. Rocking the Six Sages and Elf races, she'll be able to get a power boost from her J-Ruler self, which is spiffy. Like her previous resonator form, she's packing Quickcast, but her on-enter effect lets you bounce another resonator you control. The key word here is "may," so no being punished for playing her. It's an ok way to dodge targeting stuff I guess, or abuse on-enter effects. I suspect Fiethsing Turbo might like this, since it let's you reuse Adombralis and Tamas. But what I like most about her is that WE FINALLY HAVE AN INHERITANCE CARD THAT DOESN'T SUCK. Her Inheritance pumps up a J/resonator by her ATK/DEF (pretty standard) but also plays a "Feithsing's Monacle" from your deck. A +1 effect alone is good, and it's tacked on to a pretty decent buff. A+ card right here.

Speaking of Fiethsing's Monacle... well, here it is. It costs GL to play, or you can just rip it out of your deck with Fiethsing's Inheritance. It doesn't do anything except turn the bestowed resonator into a huge dork, but hey, it's something. This works especially well in (you guessed it) Fiethsing's deck, since you play a bunch of tiny on-enter guys. Throw this on a Tama, or even an Elf Token, once you've gotten what you need out of it. Heck, throw it on one of them, produce a floating will, then feed them to Adombrali. Value for years.

Final Breeze is a DBZ rip-off Lapis Cluster's version of Law of Silence. Note that it says return target spell to its owner's hand. Remember that cards are only spells while on the chase (summon spells and normal spells for resonators and chants, respectively), so this card can only hit things while they're on the chase, waiting to be resolved. According to the article, bouncing a spell while it's on the chase will effectively cancel it, but it will go to the owner's hand rather than being in the graveyard. This means the opponent can re-cast it, but you still made them use the will for the initial cast which is oftentimes all they had left open. Plus, if this card is torrented, it'll simultaneously prevent the opponent from playing any spells for the rest of the turn. Welcome back Law of Silence.

Honestly, I don't see this getting much play. It costs 2 will, which is the same price for something like Seal of Wind and Light, which outright cancels the spell. Once Alice Cluster rotates out this may see play as one of the only viable cancel spells we have in Lapis, but by then I'm sure we'll see more control options. The Law of Silence spell is, at best, just going to be a worse Law of Silence since you have to play something beforehand in order to trigger it, making it 3 cost at minimum. Since it doesn't stop Judgment, effects, or cards that are already in play, it's just a lot of work (and inconsistency) for not too much payout.

This card is pretty self-explanatory. It's a 1-cost spell that outright kills any resonator with flying. It's kind of borderline "Down the Drain" levels of card design, but at least it doesn't shut down an ENTIRE COLOR. With things like Zero's Familiar, Gwiber, and Titania running around, this card will definitely be a solid side board staple.

This is the card I'm most excited about from this spoiler. Aside from the fact that we have ANOTHER Kaguya card (Seriously, can we get some new characters please?), it's pretty solid. 700/800 for a 3-drop aren't bad stats, especially since she's packing flying. She has a cost reduction if you control a moon (which you won't, unless you're playing the Kaguya 3.0 Ruler from Alice Cluster), but her true potential lies in her final ability: Recover her whenever a card is bestowed to her. As of now, there are only 6 Additions with Bestow, one of which is Black Box, so there are essentially 5 Additions that can work with her. The aforementioned Fiethsing's Monacle can be pretty fun, letting you attack with her, then attach it to recover her and make will. If you have multiples, you can make 3+ will in a one turn just off of her. That's all cute, but her REAL potential is going to be in a Wukong deck.

The whole point of Wukong is to search a certain Addition, play it for FREE, and abuse it. Flying Cloud gives flying, which is redundant here, but the important thing is that it has a cheap bestow cost, you play it en masse, and it gives power. Swing with Kaguya for 700, attach a cloud to her to restand her as a 9/10 and swing again. Attach a 2nd cloud to restand her as 11/12. 3rd makes her 13/14, and the 4th makes her 15/16. The first four attacks are exact game, and the fifth is just for good measure. Unless the opponent can block her twice and are at full life, Kaguya can OHKO in a Wukong deck. You know, the deck where the opponent has to struggle to deal with the 20/20+ flying J-Ruler. Kaguya has the potential to be her own win condition in that deck.

And before anyone asks, I check the CR, and I'm pretty sure old "Addition:Resonator" cards don't count as Bestowing. So no shenanigans there.

The final card from the spoiler was Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly. For a cost of GLX, you can search your deck for a card of cost X+1 or less and put it into play. Playing it by it's base cost means you can grab any 1-drop resonator from your deck, which is pretty dope. You're essentially paying 1 more will than you would to play the actual card, but get to play it even if you don't have it in hand. For decks that rely on 1 particular card, this is a god send of a chant. This card being similar to Faria's Summon, which searches any resonator for GL, begs the question of which is better? For high-cost cards, I'd probably gander that Faria's Summon is better, since waiting 1 extra turn for the 1 extra will to play it with this card might be your undoing, and plenty of big resonators that actually see play NEED to be played from hand (Huanglong, Red Boy, etc). Plus Summon is a Quickcast, while this isn't. If you just need a 1 or 2 cost card, though, this thing will be more efficient, especially if you're playing something that has Swiftness. It's also interesting to note that you can grab cards of any color with this, allowing you to cheat something like Lancelot into play in a deck that has 0 red sources. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but it's a possibility. This card can also grab Additions, while Summon can only get resonators. Unfortunately you can't play any regalia from your deck for 2 will with this, but that's definitely a good thing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #7 - Impressions

Today's spoiler takes another look at the Red/Blue cards in the set, revisiting Sol and the support he's getting. Spoiler alert: He should really just stick to Ancient Magics. I'll preface this with stating that I think most of this spoiler is just fluff, but I'd rather show you than tell you.

Catalyst Spirit is pretty boring, although at least they made her a good boring. 600/600 is standard for her cost, so she can at least kamikaze with actually good cards. Her only effect is banishing her to put 2 mana counters on your J/ruler, which admittedly isn't the worst effect in the game. Since she costs 2 will, she's essentially a filter card to turn 2 will into 2 mana, while having a 6/6 body in the meantime. Throwing her down to deal with threats/get some early presence, then popping her if the opponent is stupid enough to waste removal on her sounds like a neat idea on paper, but it really just doesn't fit with the deck's goals. You'd much rather dedicate that deck space to combo pieces, ramp cards, or search cards. She's kind of just stand alone in what she does, in a deck that has a lot of moving pieces. Ancient Heartfelt Fire does her job so much better, too.

I kind of lost hope for Inheritance in this set when I saw Rachel. She has the standard 6/6 body for a 2-drop, but her sole effect is her inheritance ability. I'll give her credit for being an instant-speed bounce, but we already had that in the form of Valentina's Resistance (which has the additional option of awakening to bounce 2 resonators), and Sniping from the Blind Spot (which can only hit rested resonators) which is 1 will cheaper to boot. She can be a 6/6 body, but with absolutely no effect. A 6/6 vanilla is going to lose to a 6/6 with an effect (which is just about every other playable 2-drop at this point) so she suffers from the same syndrome every other Inheritance card we've seen has: There's no reason to use her as anything other than a spell. It's worth noting that, due to Inheritance, you can't cancel her bounce with a spell-cancelling card, but that won't come up nearly often enough for it to matter.

This card has some use. A 5-cost Ancient Magic, with Quickcast, that rests all of your opponent's spells and J/resonators. Use this during your turn to ensure an uninterrupted push, or use it at the start of your opponent's turn to severely hamper them. It's important to note that you should be using this AFTER their recovery, but at that point they can rest all their stones to make floating will when you cast this, so unless your opponent is bad, this card is essentially "rest all your opponent's resonators", and for 5 will, that's kind of lackluster. Even if that will comes from mana counters and is basically free. Rising from the Depths, which is a card you WILL be playing in blue, bounces all resonators anyway. If you're having to use this defensively, to rest your opponent's field to keep them from killing you that turn, you'll go into your turn 5 mana down. That's kind of a lot. Like Catalyst Spirit, this card isn't awful, it just doesn't fit into the deck very well.

I'm incredibly salty over this card for purely personal reasons. It's Alisaris' son (yes it's a dude). Does it help the Alisaris deck out? Not at all. It barely even helps out a Luminary deck. If you have removed 2 mana counters this turn and don't have any floating will, you can put 2 mana counters on your J-ruler when he enters. Oh boy, a 3-cost resonator that gives you 2 mana. Of course, mana is permanent, whereas the will spent to play him is gone after the turn cycles, but still. Ancient Magic don't really have too many small turn plays, especially not ones you would try to follow up by playing this guy. 

Here we have what I like to call "Bad Volga." 700/700 for a 3-cost is a little below the curve, but it has a -theoretically- reusable effect, so it makes sense. Things your opponent control HAVE to attack it, and whenever it takes damage, it deals that much back to whatever damaged it. Unlike Arthur, he has no way to self-rest to ensure the taunt can consistently go off, and it doesn't have nearly as much defense. This thing will maybe take 1 card with it when it goes. Decks like Fiethsing, with a bunch of weenies, will likely hate this guy, but aside from her those decks aren't all that common. It can trade with bigger creatures, and is an auto-kill against most any J-Ruler, as well as things like Gwiber and the like. Unfortunately, he just has a really niche use and very low survivability. I'd rather play Volga, who damages the opponent instead of an already-dying resonator.

This guy is pretty neat. Having 3 chants in your grave puts him at the average power level for his cost, and being able to give him Swiftness and/or Flying is icing on that cake. 4 chants let's him beat out everything of the same cost, and he only scales up from there. The only thing keeping him from being an amazing card is the fact that he auto-dies to Horn of the Sacred Beasts, which is/was a popular main deck card that could easily come back if this guy starts to see a ton of play.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #6 - Impressions

Spoiler #6, the first article detailing cards that aren't J/rulers and their direct support. From here on out we'll be seeing more support for the CFC decks/Rulers, a little more fleshing out of this set's Rulers, and a few curve balls FoW wants to throw at us. Kicking this off, we have an article on what FoW calls "Pact Chants." "Pact" isn't a keyword or anything, as described in the actual spoiler article, it just refers to this template of chants that have 2 different uses to choose from, but allow you to use both if you have 2 J/resonators out that match the spell's attributes. Obviously this is meant to support the dual-color decks they're pushing this set.

A Rendezvous of Light and Wind is our first such chant. Matching Faria's coloring of Light/Wind, this card aims to encapsulate what her color typing is supposed to represent, but at a cost of 4 will, it's already got a big hurdle in its path. It can either put a 4-cost Light or Wind resonator into play from your hand, or it can give +400/+400 to every J/resonator you control, at instant speed. Playing this card means you'll be flashing in a big resonator at the end of your opponent's turn, buffing your field up, then attacking with it come your turn. It's a pretty strong power play, and going from a field of 2-3 small things to multiple massive threats is a huge tempo swing, but leaving up 4 will on your opponent's turn means you'll be playing little to nothing during your turn, which can hurt. I really want to note that the 400/400 buff is permanent, since they're counters, and they get around Charlotte's Water Magic. So, even though it's more expensive than Sprint of the Beast Lady, and gives less power, you're getting more mileage out of it. Honestly, if R/R was still around to search it, this card could definitely be powerful, but for such a high cost and no consistent way to get it to hand when you need it, I doubt it'll see much play. That said, we haven't seen many of the Light/Green cards this set, so I'll withhold judgment for now.

Here's something that'll see play, though. Meeting of Light and Fire let's you either flip over the top card of your deck, gain life equal to its cost x100. then add it to your hand, or burn the opponent for 100x its cost and then add it to your hand, or if you meet the pact conditions, do both. Note that these are indeed two separate effects, so doing both would net you 2 new cards in hand. This is a 3-cost Pot of Greed with a little life gain/burn attached. It won't be much gain/burn, but every little bit helps I suppose. It costs 1 more will than Foresee, which doesn't see any play, but this is also a Quickcast, so you can use some unspent will at the end of your opponent's turn or during upkeep. It's also important to note that Nyarlathotep's Awakening can play this card for free, which can lead to some fun wombo combo's.

Plot of Water and Darkness is, as described by the spoiler article, a straight destruction card for resonators, which we haven't had since Stoning to Death rotated out in Grimm Cluster. And that just isn't true. We've had Endless Night in Alice Cluster and, just two months ago, we got Oni Strike in the Darkness Starter Deck. Neither of which see much play. Endless Night kills something and gives a blanket -200/-200 (-200/-500 to one resonator with new Valentina's front side) to the field, and Oni Strike will burn the opponent for 500 if you control an Oni. The only this this card has going for it is that it leaves behind a token if you can get it's Pact off, making it a straight +1 which isn't bad. It also becomes a 2-cost spell if you have J-Ruler Valentina out, who will wipe the void cost from this card. Unfortunately, like the rest of her deck, it relies a little too hard on her cost-reduction ability to be truly good. It has a place being able to kill things that are a little outside of Space Time Anomaly's kill range, so it may see some play in Valentina's deck, but outside of that you probably won't be seeing this card.

I've seen some conflicting opinions on this card. It's a neat accelerant card for Sol, but it doesn't really do too much on its own. Giving an Ancient Magic in your grave remnant isn't incredibly useful since you'll usually only be casting your big spell once a game, although if it gets sniped by a Nameless Mist or Lapis' Dark Storm, this may come in handy. It also nets you +1 mana, although that's pretty weak for a ramp card. Imagine, though, you have multiples of these in your hand. Cast one, give your big spell in the grave remnant (+1 mana). Cast your second, giving the first copy remnant (+2 mana). Now cast the remnant one, giving the 2nd copy remnant (+3 mana), then re-cast the second copy for a total of +4 mana and the ability to play your big spell from your grave. That's a fairly decent reach for the deck. If you went second and got energize, that's 5 more mana than you should have.

Honestly, at first glance, this seems like the most underwhelming of the revealed cards. It isn't quickcast, so there's not too many shenanigans you can do with it. Pay 3 mana to recover 4 gives you an extra mana for the turn, but at the cost of 1 card and it can't loop with itself like Sympathy of Fire and Water can. It'll let you play a 5-drop on turn 4, but that's nothing special. Even adding a resonator from your grave to your hand is meh, especially since Call of the Primogenitor exists, which adds a resonator from your grave to your hand at instant speed for 1 black. I suppose this could let you get more mileage out of Killing Stones before you feed them to Lilias, but it just strikes me as inefficient.

This is easily the best card revealed in this spoiler. At a natural 2-cost, it's the cheapest too. If you have 2 or more J/resonators out, this card is basically a "search any card from your deck and add it to your hand." That's insanely good and there's not much else to it. Not being a quickcast will likely keep it in check, but being able to search out Rizas or Dark Storms in a black control deck is huge. Mikage being able to grab any of his daughters or a kill spell will give him a nice consistency boost too. Heck, just search Laevateinn then prepare to beat face with him. This card has so much utility it's impossible to Theory-Oh the impact it'll have.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoilers 4 & 5 - Impresions

Here's a spoiler of my own: I'm apparently really bad at keeping these articles consistent. This past weekend was homecoming for me, though, so at least I have the excuse of being gone the entire weekend. That being said, I'm going to have to double dip today and cover 2 spoilers at once. Get ready for another long one!

First up is Lumia. She has the standard judgment of 3, her's being LR1. As with all the Rulers in this set, she has the double-color energize, but it's her Ruler ability that has people hyped. At the end of your turn, you can remove 1 rested resonator you control from the game, then return it to the field (aka "Blink"). Why is that good? Have you ever seen a card that says "When this card enters the field..."? Of course you have, and that's why. Just off the top of my head, some great effects like this come from Lucifer, Celestial Wing Seraph, Captain Hook, and things like that. Even self-rest effects, like Guinevere, benefit from this as she essentially resets them. At worst, Lumia will allow a resonator to attack and then double as a defender. At best, she's going to steamroll with strong effect spam.

Judgmenting her, we get a 1000/1000 body, pretty standard. She's packing swiftness, though, and if you remove "Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance" from your hand when you flip her, she also gets Imperishable and a lifelink effect. I can't say I'm happy to see the "As you Judgment, remove X card for additional Y effect"-type effect spreading from the Luminaries, but at least it does something other than give more counters, so it's excusable. Also, I believe that she'll keep the effect and Imperishable if she dies and re-flips, as it says "removed by this card" rather than "removed by this effect", but I'd wait on an official ruling for that.

She also gets a beefed up version of her Ruler ability. This time it triggers on-attack, so it allows for some shenanigans during your turn, and the resonator doesn't have to be rested, but it returns in the rested state. Thank the heavens we don't have an effect that lets your swiftness resonators attack twice. I'm ready to see someone attack with her, trigger her ability, then have her die just to flip back and trigger the ruler ability at the end of the turn. If you have something like a Hook or Seraph? That's a double proc, triple proc if you played it that turn.

Here we have Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance, that I mentioned above. She's 700/700 for only 2, which is above the max, but she's packing Limit 1 and is a vanilla for her 2-cost, so it's more than properly costed. She has two different Awakening effects, just like Sol's Dragon; one for each of her colors. Her Light Awakening is a mini-Izanagi, removing a resonator from the game on-enter and then return it when she leaves the field. Her Fire Awakening let's you play a 3-cost or less Light/Fire chant from your hand for free. Nyarlathotep -> Flame King's Shout -> Another 3-cost sounds like a pretty strong play, although it's costing you 3 cards in hand. I'm also a little disappointed that she doesn't have synergy with Lumia, what with you being forced to run her and all. All-in-all, she's pretty solid and flexible.

Lumia's Judgment is interesting. It's a chant without quickcast, so no shenanigans, but it's pretty strong nonetheless. It has a base cost of LR, and you can pay any additional void will as X, and it removes all non-Stone and non-J-Ruler cards with cost equal to or less than X. So LR1 removes all 1 and 0 cost cards from the game, LR2 for all 2-cost or less, etc. At minimum, this is a 2-will regalia nuke, which is HUGE value, and it only scales up from there. Against decks that go wide (like Turbo Fiethsing), this can absolutely destroy them for enough will. Against controlly decks, which will likely run Ruler's Memoria, this can wipe their regalia for almost nothing. It's pretty good in a whole slew of matchups, giving both Red and Light some good, flexible removal.

Crimson Ray is... well, Crimson Ray. It's a better Bombardment for LR instead of RR. "It's strictly better for the same cost!? Powercreep!" Well, Bombardment sucks and no one cares. It's Lumia's Shock Rock that takes the cake here. On top of the standard Shock Rock text of entering rested unless you pay 300 life or are running Lumia, counting as both Basic Stones, and producing 2 will, "Awakened Magic Stone, The Earth" will recover when you Judgement a Light Ruler. Not just Lumia, any Ruler. OG Faria and Arla have free Judgments with 2 of these. Millium benefits from it too, as will any future Light Rulers. This thing is bonkers. 

Edging into Spoiler #5, we have the final Ruler from the set: Lilias Petal. He rounds out the dual color typings with G/B, giving each color 2 different Rulers representatives. The first thing you'll notice about this guy is that his Judgment is free, and he isn't packing a Ruler ability. Judgmenting him, you'll find that he can't battle, and thus has no stats. Uh-oh, it's R/R 2.0, everyone prepare for your new format definer!

Or not. Lilias is pretty balanced and unique. On top of not being able to battle, he also flat-out can't be destroyed. You can banish a Wind resonator, a Darkness resonator, and a "Killing Stone" to create a Chimera. What's important is that you can play this Chimera from your deck, hand, removed area, or from outside of the game. In official tournament settings, this means your side deck, but you can play cards directly from your side deck. Apparently waiting until game 2 is too casual for this guy. Being able to turn 2 weenies into a Chimera is a huge tempo swing, and being able to do it at instant speed lets you dodge removal. The downside, of course, is that you're losing a stone to do it. Thankfully, he can tap himself to shuffle that stone back into the stone deck. Since he doesn't battle, you can call a stone every turn with him, so you won't have any shortage of those. Plus, Red Riding Hood is a thing, and will net you a stone if you eat her for his alchemy. In Wanderer, Gretel is going to be this guy's best friend.

I just have so much to say about this guy. It's important to note that you're technically going -1 to get the Chimera out, but things like Tama, Messenger Familiar, Monkey Trapped in Life, etc. remedy that. But remember that things like Charlotte's Transformation Magic exist, so your huge Chimera probably isn't going to be on the field for too long. You're also losing a Magic Stone from doing this, which hurts. Loading your deck with low-cost weenies for the sole purpose of turning them into Chimera won't be the best game plan, although it's very possible. The sole fact that you don't have to include any of your huge creatures in your deck in order to play them is just so good, as it removes the possibility of them becoming dead draws.

With this guy's drawbacks out of the way, he has some MAJOR advantages. Riza/Melder are the first thing that come to mind. 8 Green/Darkness stones means they're always going to be live, and we know how impactful that pair is. But this guy just adds an extra layer of death to their combo. They have an answer to them? Just turn them into Chimera. Being able to react to removal effects by transmuting your stuff into strong cards is just incredible.

Even Killing Stone has synergy here. It has all the standard Shock Rock text, but when it is put into a graveyard, you gain 100 life and the opponent loses 100. It isn't much, but every little bit helps, and at least you get something for killing off your own stones. Plus, it shuts Yggdrasil down hard.

Ammit, Beast of Gluttony, is the real conversation piece here. So far, it's the only Chimera we've been shown, and Lilias is only as good as his Chimera are, and boy is Ammit pretty good. 1500/1500 for a total cost of 7 isn't amazing, but you won't ever hard cast it. Turning 2 useless/dying cards into a 1500/1500? Heck yes. On-enter, Ammit will destroy a resonator and then give you life equal to that resonator's DEF. However, the opponent eating the target with Laevateinn will rob you of the life gain, which really waters down the effect. Additionally, the effect isn't limited to targeting the opponent's stuff, but it's a mandatory trigger. So dropping this when the opponent's field is empty, or the opponent clearing their board in response to Lilias' effect, will force you to kill one of your own cards. Still, since Lilias' is an effect you can tailor to the situation, Ammit definitely has strong situational presence, and since you can just have it sitting in your side deck until you need it, it's not getting in the way of anything.

Up next are a couple of Lilias' homies. Messenger of Lilias Petal has the standard 600/600 for 2-cost power, and when it enters the field you can choose any magic stone from your deck and put it on top, guaranteeing you'll call a Killing Stone. Then it can be fed to Lilias to become a Chimera. I honestly doubt this will see any play, but it still looks cute. Lilias Petal's Assistant has a lot more utility, though. 500/500 for 3 is abysmal, but she grabs a 1-cost Wind or Darkness resonator from your grave when you play her. Grab a Tama to draw another card, grab a Sacred Elf for mana, or Messenger Familiar to search some Twelve Apostles. She's a 1-card fuel for Lilias' transmutations, which is pretty dope.

Rounding out the spoiler is Magic Stone Life Form. 300/300 for a 1-drop isn't awful, and it will produce will of any attribute when it dies. Obviously this was made to work in tandem with Lilias' effect, but Incarnating it for Adombrali means you'll get 2 will from 1 card, in addition to the benefits from whatever else he eats. This makes Turn 1 Gwiber even more consistent, but I question if this will actually get played in the deck. They have more than enough Incarnate targets, and this doesn't yield any hard advantage by being eaten, so we'll have to see.