Thursday, February 23, 2017

RDE Preview #6 - Impressions

Here we go folks, yet another preview article. This one's circled back around to Kaguya support, so today we're looking at some Blue/Green cards and a new Treasury Item!

Starting off strong, we have Eia, God of Water. For a total cost four, he's got 1000/1000 power and Barrier against resonators. That's massive value compared to the more mediocre 4-drops we've been shown so far. While you control seven or more water magic stones he'll gain 500/500 and can't be blocked, making him a late-game terror. If that wasn't enough, each time you call a water stone his resonance will let you draw a card. This guy has everything you could ask for: Good stats, partial protection, a constant source of advantage, and he scales up with the game. Move over Charlotte, U/B Control might have just found it's new finisher!

That being said, he isn't without weakness. Most, if not all, removal comes in the form of chants nowadays. Barrier (Resonator) won't protect you against Bear Magic. Still, he's a powerful card that the opponent has to answer, plus you can throw him down with Rising from the Depths. Can you imagine dropping two, or even three, of this guy? Tapping for stone the following turn will draw you 2-3 cards. I love everything about this guy.

On the green side of things we have Gilgamesh. He's much less stand-alone than Eia, but he has a lot more synergy in the Treasury build. If you have three or more of them on the field Gilgamesh can't be destroyed, and he gains +100 ATK for every Treasury Item you control. If he's indestructible then he'll be a 1000/1000, same as Eia. Unfortunately, he's still Bear Magic bait, and his resonance isn't as good. Calling a magic stone will produce one will of any type, so he essentially let's you produce two extra will each turn, but by the time you're dropping a 4-cost unit you won't be needing ramp as much. Still, I imagine he can get pretty huge in a Treasury build, especially with all those Kimonos.

And here we have support for these two Myths in the form of Spinning Myths! With this, you can cheese them into play a whole turn early! Yeah... screw that. Here's a list of all the threatening Myth cards we already have: Izanagi, The Ox King, Chronos, Frigg, and of course, Odin. You can cheese Frigg in with this, then use her effect to grab it right back. You can drop Izanagi on turn three, turn 2 if you have energize! Odin can come in just as early and put you leagues ahead of the opponent in terms of will! This card just has so many possibilities and ways to break it, I can't wait to see what happens! It even ramps you a stone if you can torrent it. The best part is, if you're torrenting, he'll trigger Eia's and Gilgamesh's resonance abilities. This card is all sorts of juicy.

Millenia Bond is the Blue/Green pact spell for the set. It has quickcast and only costs two, which is a plus already. It's modal effects let you either cancel a chant and draw a card, or put a 3-cost or less Treasury Item from your hand into your field. The second ability isn't all that fancy, although it gives you some nice treasury ramp in the Kaguya deck. The first ability, though, means we're keeping negation once Alice rotates out. It isn't nearly as flexible as Wall of Wind and Seal of Wind and Light are, since it can only hit chants, but at least it's something. Unfortunately, most of the meta threats right now are resonator-heavy (Fiethsing and Lumia), but you can still manage a clutch cancel on a Moonbeam Butterfly. This just keeps decks like Sol and Mercerius suppressed, since their big bad Ancient Magics can still get easily cancelled. Oh well, sucks to be them I suppose.

Here we have the obligatory "This card is treated as X magic stone" that we seem to be getting this set. It's nice for resonance decks, and not much else.

Here we have the final card of the spoiler, and the only Treasury Item. Kaguya's Pictorial Scroll is basically the new Lumia resonator from Vingolf: On-enter, you remove the top 3 cards of your deck from the game face-down and you can play them as if they were in your hand. Let me just preface with: I utterly hate this card. I've played against Lumia enough to know that an essentially free Draw 3 is stupid, and now it's on a card that is even harder to kill. You can even play this with the pact spell while you cancel one of your opponent's cards to add insult to injury. You can use J-Ruler Kaguya to produce will to play these new cards, or just draw even more. This deck went from gimmicky to massive advantage Russian-engineered steamroller with just this card.

Well, that's it for today's spoilers! The pre-release is next weekend and the actual release is the week following. We may or may not get one last spoiler Monday, but since the entire set tends to be spoiled before pre-releases actually start, we'll be getting the rest of the cards next week regardless. There's a ton of things still left to see, and this set is still up in the air about whether or not it's good or bad, so here's hoping we get some amazing reveals. We've only really gotten one article for each color combination so far, so there's a ton of room for improvement/disappointment. Anyway, until next week!

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