Thursday, February 9, 2017

RDE Preview #2 - Impressions

Welcome back guys, gals, and lizard people. Today we'll be looking at the Red/Green support, coming to us in the form of Pricia. While I'm not too thrilled about getting another old character in a new Ruler form, she's packing some pretty amazing support.


Here we see the Wild Child back in her old body, where she belongs. It's implied in the flavor texts that Faria was able to defeat Valentina and drive her out of Pricia's body, restoring her soul with her Memoria. This has some pretty neat imagery on her Ruler side, where you see her still in Valentina's attire, holding her memoria, with a somber look on her face. She's been through a lot, and wakes up on a strange world, and this art captures that perfectly, even right down to the colors.

From an abilities standpoint, she's just as beautiful. A 2-cost judgment is a little cheaper than most, letting her flip earlier than an opponent might be used to. She has the standard two-color energize, but she's also rocking out two different Resonance abilities. If you flip a Fire Stone, target resonator gets Swiftness. If you flip a wind stone, target resonator gets Flying. Since 8/10ths of her stone deck are going to count as both, calling a stone essentially guarantees you both keywords. On any resonator. Playing a card before you tap for stone will let you get your aggro on, and boy does it look nice.

Flipping her, you get a monstrous 1000/1000 body (a body she seems more than willing to show off) and a wall of text that rivals last article's Kaguya. When she enters the field, or attacks, you get to choose one of two abilities: Put a resonator on the bottom of your deck, then flip the top card and play it if it's a resonator (and put it to your hand if it isn't), or put a stone on the bottom of your stone deck and call the top card of your stone deck. This lets you recycle a resonator that already attacked, or turn a tapped stone into an untapped one (and trigger any resonance abilities of your resonators). Being able to trigger this on-attack is a great way to keep your resonance abilities triggering.

But that isn't all she's packing. We also get a God's Art, for the low low cost of two will. Pricia recovers herself and gives your field Swiftness and Flying. That's stupid powerful for only two will, right? She swings, then recovers AND gives your field hard-to-block keywords. The catch is that you can only play this ability if a Fire Magic Stone and Wind Magic Stone were put into your field this turn. You know, like from her first on-attack ability that would call a dual stone?

Of course, a Ruler is nothing without their Memoria. This particular Shock Rock keeps the standard formula going, and its unique ability let's you draw a card whenever it leaves for a non-field zone. Captain Hook? Draw 1. World Flame Summoning? Draw 1. Pricia used her on-attack ability to cycle this stone? Draw 1. Remember when aggro decks' biggest weakness was their lack of hard advantage? "We fixed that" - FoW Inc, probably.

Who's this little doll? Mariabella is back, following her good friend Pricia. If only Machina were here to see her. She's certainly come a long way since her last incarnation, whose only real purpose was to die. Now, though, she's packing heat. For a 4-cost resonator 1000/1000 stats are very respectable, and she's got just about everything you could want in a high-cost resonator. On-enter you can grab a Basic Stone from your stone deck and play it, so you get some nice ramp just from playing her. "But we ain't stopping there!" - FoW Inc, probably. She's also rocking double resonance abilities just like Pricia, one for wind and one for fire. Fire stones will put a blast counter on her, and wind stones put a breeze counter on her. You can remove a blast counter to deal 500 damage to a J/resonator, so she comes with her own blocker removal. Removing a breeze counter gets you a wall of wind which, of course, can be stacked with itself. Really don't want your opponent playing that card? Remove 3 breeze counters. Why not? You have a 1000/1000 negating monstrosity on board. Who got Cyber Dragon Infinity in my Force of Will?

Here we have the token filler/gimmick card for the theme. 800/700 with flying for a 3-cost is really good, and it will replace itself when it dies (just like a... phoenix!?). This thing is target for Pricia's J-Ruler ability, netting you 2 cards off the top of your deck, and also works great with Lumia. It's also a target for Flame King's Shout, is a beast, and is just generally good overall. I don't know if it will make it into a competitive deck, but dang is this thing a nice card.

Speaking of gimmicky cards. Fiery Soldier of Milest counts as a Fire Magic Stone, so he'll trigger all your resonance effects. He can give himself swiftness from Pricia's Ruler ability, so he's a discount Lancelot with a bit more synergy in this deck. He's actually pretty good for early aggression in the deck, and you can ship him away with Pricia's J-ruler ability once you're done with him.

First we got a beast, and now a machine? This is actually low-key legacy support for old Alice cluster decks. 700 is higher than normal for a 2-cost resonator, but he makes up for it by having basically no defense. Swiftness ensures you'll get something out of him, though, and First Strike makes sure he won't die via battle against weenies. All-in-all, though, he's not too impressive. Also, obligatory "Burning Pot"/"Grass attribute"/Weed joke.

Hot golly, a good pact spell!? This thing is a monstrosity, let me tell you. As with all pact spells, it has two effects which can both be used if you have two Wind/Fire J/resonators on board. One effect is a one-sided duel of truth, and the other says you put the top card of your stone deck into play whenever one of your opponent's resonators dies after being dealt damage by one of your cards. At minimum, this thing will be a 1-card removal AND a ramp spell, which is amazing in and of itself. But the potential to get 2, maybe even 3 stones? That's insane! And with quickcast it can serve as blocker removal. This thing is just all-around good.

That's it for today, and gosh is it a lot to take in. Pretty much all of these cards are amazing (not just passable, outright good) and have tons of different decks they can go in. This is some A+ card design right here. Like Kaguya, Pricia is definitely going to make a meta impact when this set drops!

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