Friday, November 4, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #6 - Impressions

Spoiler #6, the first article detailing cards that aren't J/rulers and their direct support. From here on out we'll be seeing more support for the CFC decks/Rulers, a little more fleshing out of this set's Rulers, and a few curve balls FoW wants to throw at us. Kicking this off, we have an article on what FoW calls "Pact Chants." "Pact" isn't a keyword or anything, as described in the actual spoiler article, it just refers to this template of chants that have 2 different uses to choose from, but allow you to use both if you have 2 J/resonators out that match the spell's attributes. Obviously this is meant to support the dual-color decks they're pushing this set.

A Rendezvous of Light and Wind is our first such chant. Matching Faria's coloring of Light/Wind, this card aims to encapsulate what her color typing is supposed to represent, but at a cost of 4 will, it's already got a big hurdle in its path. It can either put a 4-cost Light or Wind resonator into play from your hand, or it can give +400/+400 to every J/resonator you control, at instant speed. Playing this card means you'll be flashing in a big resonator at the end of your opponent's turn, buffing your field up, then attacking with it come your turn. It's a pretty strong power play, and going from a field of 2-3 small things to multiple massive threats is a huge tempo swing, but leaving up 4 will on your opponent's turn means you'll be playing little to nothing during your turn, which can hurt. I really want to note that the 400/400 buff is permanent, since they're counters, and they get around Charlotte's Water Magic. So, even though it's more expensive than Sprint of the Beast Lady, and gives less power, you're getting more mileage out of it. Honestly, if R/R was still around to search it, this card could definitely be powerful, but for such a high cost and no consistent way to get it to hand when you need it, I doubt it'll see much play. That said, we haven't seen many of the Light/Green cards this set, so I'll withhold judgment for now.

Here's something that'll see play, though. Meeting of Light and Fire let's you either flip over the top card of your deck, gain life equal to its cost x100. then add it to your hand, or burn the opponent for 100x its cost and then add it to your hand, or if you meet the pact conditions, do both. Note that these are indeed two separate effects, so doing both would net you 2 new cards in hand. This is a 3-cost Pot of Greed with a little life gain/burn attached. It won't be much gain/burn, but every little bit helps I suppose. It costs 1 more will than Foresee, which doesn't see any play, but this is also a Quickcast, so you can use some unspent will at the end of your opponent's turn or during upkeep. It's also important to note that Nyarlathotep's Awakening can play this card for free, which can lead to some fun wombo combo's.

Plot of Water and Darkness is, as described by the spoiler article, a straight destruction card for resonators, which we haven't had since Stoning to Death rotated out in Grimm Cluster. And that just isn't true. We've had Endless Night in Alice Cluster and, just two months ago, we got Oni Strike in the Darkness Starter Deck. Neither of which see much play. Endless Night kills something and gives a blanket -200/-200 (-200/-500 to one resonator with new Valentina's front side) to the field, and Oni Strike will burn the opponent for 500 if you control an Oni. The only this this card has going for it is that it leaves behind a token if you can get it's Pact off, making it a straight +1 which isn't bad. It also becomes a 2-cost spell if you have J-Ruler Valentina out, who will wipe the void cost from this card. Unfortunately, like the rest of her deck, it relies a little too hard on her cost-reduction ability to be truly good. It has a place being able to kill things that are a little outside of Space Time Anomaly's kill range, so it may see some play in Valentina's deck, but outside of that you probably won't be seeing this card.

I've seen some conflicting opinions on this card. It's a neat accelerant card for Sol, but it doesn't really do too much on its own. Giving an Ancient Magic in your grave remnant isn't incredibly useful since you'll usually only be casting your big spell once a game, although if it gets sniped by a Nameless Mist or Lapis' Dark Storm, this may come in handy. It also nets you +1 mana, although that's pretty weak for a ramp card. Imagine, though, you have multiples of these in your hand. Cast one, give your big spell in the grave remnant (+1 mana). Cast your second, giving the first copy remnant (+2 mana). Now cast the remnant one, giving the 2nd copy remnant (+3 mana), then re-cast the second copy for a total of +4 mana and the ability to play your big spell from your grave. That's a fairly decent reach for the deck. If you went second and got energize, that's 5 more mana than you should have.

Honestly, at first glance, this seems like the most underwhelming of the revealed cards. It isn't quickcast, so there's not too many shenanigans you can do with it. Pay 3 mana to recover 4 gives you an extra mana for the turn, but at the cost of 1 card and it can't loop with itself like Sympathy of Fire and Water can. It'll let you play a 5-drop on turn 4, but that's nothing special. Even adding a resonator from your grave to your hand is meh, especially since Call of the Primogenitor exists, which adds a resonator from your grave to your hand at instant speed for 1 black. I suppose this could let you get more mileage out of Killing Stones before you feed them to Lilias, but it just strikes me as inefficient.

This is easily the best card revealed in this spoiler. At a natural 2-cost, it's the cheapest too. If you have 2 or more J/resonators out, this card is basically a "search any card from your deck and add it to your hand." That's insanely good and there's not much else to it. Not being a quickcast will likely keep it in check, but being able to search out Rizas or Dark Storms in a black control deck is huge. Mikage being able to grab any of his daughters or a kill spell will give him a nice consistency boost too. Heck, just search Laevateinn then prepare to beat face with him. This card has so much utility it's impossible to Theory-Oh the impact it'll have.

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