Friday, November 11, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #8 - Impressions

Today's spoiler brought us something that's relatively new this spoiler season: Mono-color cards! Yes, there were quite a few of those last spoiler, but these are actually pretty good. So shush. With that, let's just dive in!

Fiethsing makes her triumphant re-debut as a resonator, although she's changed since the last time we saw her like this. Rocking the Six Sages and Elf races, she'll be able to get a power boost from her J-Ruler self, which is spiffy. Like her previous resonator form, she's packing Quickcast, but her on-enter effect lets you bounce another resonator you control. The key word here is "may," so no being punished for playing her. It's an ok way to dodge targeting stuff I guess, or abuse on-enter effects. I suspect Fiethsing Turbo might like this, since it let's you reuse Adombralis and Tamas. But what I like most about her is that WE FINALLY HAVE AN INHERITANCE CARD THAT DOESN'T SUCK. Her Inheritance pumps up a J/resonator by her ATK/DEF (pretty standard) but also plays a "Feithsing's Monacle" from your deck. A +1 effect alone is good, and it's tacked on to a pretty decent buff. A+ card right here.

Speaking of Fiethsing's Monacle... well, here it is. It costs GL to play, or you can just rip it out of your deck with Fiethsing's Inheritance. It doesn't do anything except turn the bestowed resonator into a huge dork, but hey, it's something. This works especially well in (you guessed it) Fiethsing's deck, since you play a bunch of tiny on-enter guys. Throw this on a Tama, or even an Elf Token, once you've gotten what you need out of it. Heck, throw it on one of them, produce a floating will, then feed them to Adombrali. Value for years.

Final Breeze is a DBZ rip-off Lapis Cluster's version of Law of Silence. Note that it says return target spell to its owner's hand. Remember that cards are only spells while on the chase (summon spells and normal spells for resonators and chants, respectively), so this card can only hit things while they're on the chase, waiting to be resolved. According to the article, bouncing a spell while it's on the chase will effectively cancel it, but it will go to the owner's hand rather than being in the graveyard. This means the opponent can re-cast it, but you still made them use the will for the initial cast which is oftentimes all they had left open. Plus, if this card is torrented, it'll simultaneously prevent the opponent from playing any spells for the rest of the turn. Welcome back Law of Silence.

Honestly, I don't see this getting much play. It costs 2 will, which is the same price for something like Seal of Wind and Light, which outright cancels the spell. Once Alice Cluster rotates out this may see play as one of the only viable cancel spells we have in Lapis, but by then I'm sure we'll see more control options. The Law of Silence spell is, at best, just going to be a worse Law of Silence since you have to play something beforehand in order to trigger it, making it 3 cost at minimum. Since it doesn't stop Judgment, effects, or cards that are already in play, it's just a lot of work (and inconsistency) for not too much payout.

This card is pretty self-explanatory. It's a 1-cost spell that outright kills any resonator with flying. It's kind of borderline "Down the Drain" levels of card design, but at least it doesn't shut down an ENTIRE COLOR. With things like Zero's Familiar, Gwiber, and Titania running around, this card will definitely be a solid side board staple.

This is the card I'm most excited about from this spoiler. Aside from the fact that we have ANOTHER Kaguya card (Seriously, can we get some new characters please?), it's pretty solid. 700/800 for a 3-drop aren't bad stats, especially since she's packing flying. She has a cost reduction if you control a moon (which you won't, unless you're playing the Kaguya 3.0 Ruler from Alice Cluster), but her true potential lies in her final ability: Recover her whenever a card is bestowed to her. As of now, there are only 6 Additions with Bestow, one of which is Black Box, so there are essentially 5 Additions that can work with her. The aforementioned Fiethsing's Monacle can be pretty fun, letting you attack with her, then attach it to recover her and make will. If you have multiples, you can make 3+ will in a one turn just off of her. That's all cute, but her REAL potential is going to be in a Wukong deck.

The whole point of Wukong is to search a certain Addition, play it for FREE, and abuse it. Flying Cloud gives flying, which is redundant here, but the important thing is that it has a cheap bestow cost, you play it en masse, and it gives power. Swing with Kaguya for 700, attach a cloud to her to restand her as a 9/10 and swing again. Attach a 2nd cloud to restand her as 11/12. 3rd makes her 13/14, and the 4th makes her 15/16. The first four attacks are exact game, and the fifth is just for good measure. Unless the opponent can block her twice and are at full life, Kaguya can OHKO in a Wukong deck. You know, the deck where the opponent has to struggle to deal with the 20/20+ flying J-Ruler. Kaguya has the potential to be her own win condition in that deck.

And before anyone asks, I check the CR, and I'm pretty sure old "Addition:Resonator" cards don't count as Bestowing. So no shenanigans there.

The final card from the spoiler was Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly. For a cost of GLX, you can search your deck for a card of cost X+1 or less and put it into play. Playing it by it's base cost means you can grab any 1-drop resonator from your deck, which is pretty dope. You're essentially paying 1 more will than you would to play the actual card, but get to play it even if you don't have it in hand. For decks that rely on 1 particular card, this is a god send of a chant. This card being similar to Faria's Summon, which searches any resonator for GL, begs the question of which is better? For high-cost cards, I'd probably gander that Faria's Summon is better, since waiting 1 extra turn for the 1 extra will to play it with this card might be your undoing, and plenty of big resonators that actually see play NEED to be played from hand (Huanglong, Red Boy, etc). Plus Summon is a Quickcast, while this isn't. If you just need a 1 or 2 cost card, though, this thing will be more efficient, especially if you're playing something that has Swiftness. It's also interesting to note that you can grab cards of any color with this, allowing you to cheat something like Lancelot into play in a deck that has 0 red sources. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but it's a possibility. This card can also grab Additions, while Summon can only get resonators. Unfortunately you can't play any regalia from your deck for 2 will with this, but that's definitely a good thing.

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