Friday, November 18, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #10 - Impressions

Today's spoiler is focused solely on Fairy Tales. I know I still have PTSD from CFC being dominated by them, and most of them not even being usable, but FoW reigned in their Fairy Tale hard-on and didn't flood the set with them this time, and they're pretty neat to boot.

Snow White hopped off the red wagon and joined white. That's cool, we didn't want you anyway. She kept her focus on counters, though, which is something the Fairy Tales of Lapis Cluster have kind of thrown to the wayside, so it's nice to see that theme get some love again. She comes into play with two 100/100 counters for each light magic stone you control, and it's important to note that she isn't like Wendy and will count your dual stones, so long as they're part white. I'm not the biggest fan of this, since it would have been nice to see some more basic stone love. At minimum she'll enter as an 800/800, which is a little weak for a 4-drop, and she doesn't scale as you call more stones. She can, however, dump her counters onto something else. You have to pay 1 light will to move a counter so she's going to be very expensive in the long run, and it isn't feasible to try to mass-dump her counters onto something else if she gets hit with removal. She's a neat concept, and works as a pseudo-will sink if need be, but I question how much play she'll actually see. It's worth noting that she completely dodges Charlotte's Transformation Magic, due to how it interacts with 100/100 counters, which is cool.

Keeping in theme with Snow White, the Seven Dwarves use 100/100 counters. They enter as a 700/700, which is fair for a 3-cost. It can't be dealt damage, but it removes a 100/100 counter instead. So attempting to damage this 7 times kills it, and it'll auto-die to a Space Time Anomaly if used by New Valentina. If only for that reason, I doubt this will see much play, but it's worth noting that if you manage to give it some sort of permanent stat buff, it will never die. It will always prevent damage, even if it doesn't have counters to remove, so using an Addition that can buff it's DEF will give you an undying blocker. Valkyrie Alice, the J-Ruler from Alice Cluster, will also flat-out prevent the Dwarves from removing counters from themselves. It's nice to see some retro support like that.

This card is... eh. It just feels like it's missing something. Using up a card to give something a 200/200 buff, even if it's permanent, just doesn't feel like I'm getting my value out of a card. For 1 will I can play Charlotte's Bear Magic, Lightning Strike/Demonflame, Dreams of Flight, etc. Maybe if this had remnant, or gave a keyword, or did Force for the number of counters it put on, but as-is this card just feels underwhelming. Mikage might be able to use it for more 100/100 counter turbo, especially if his other 2 daughters need a lot of those to work. This card and Snow White might be able to spawn a neat Black/White Mikage deck.

Oh man, a beefy high-cost resonator that doesn't give you immediately value on-enter? Who got Oni in my Fairy Tale? That said, Barrier against chants is HUGE, as it protects this guy from Charlotte's Magic AND Zero's Light Magic, two of the easiest and most common resonator removal cards in the game. It even takes two Melder effects to completely kill this guy. There are still ways to get around him, like Rachel, Hook, and Charlotte's J-Ruler side, but those aren't nearly as popular as the chant removal that most meta decks use. You can even tap him to burn every non-flying J/resonator for 800, which can totally wipe a Fiethsing player's board and kill Riza's, which is huge. If the opponent flips double Riza into double Melder, you can respond by tapping him and nuking the Riza's, which means he'll end up surviving even if they used both Melder effects on him. Unfortunately, he hits your own field too, so plan accordingly.

And it looks like FoW has learned their lesson from the Oni's too! Here we have an easy way to cheese Giant into the field. Whenever Jack deals damage to the opponent you can banish him to play a Skyscraper Giant from your deck. With 800/800 on a 3-drop, Jack is perfectly on curve for his cost. You can put him and Giant in a Red/Light Millium deck with Library of Alexandria and watch the world burn. Turn 2, play Library and call Fairy Tales. Turn 3 play Jack, who has swiftness from the library, and hit the opponent for 800 and tag out for Skyscraper Giant. Who also has Swiftness. That's 2500 damage in one turn, or you can use Giant to nuke the opponent's field. Since Jack and Giant are Green and Red, respectively, you could even run them in a Sylvia deck. That would give you access to Gale Force, the chant we saw last week that kills something with Flying, to deal with the things Giant can't kill.

The final card is Planting Beans, and it's easily the most interesting. You can either play it for 1 green, or awaken it for GG1. Playing it regularly let's you send any card from your deck to your graveyard, and awakening it let's you then add that card to your hand. You can send Deathscythe to the grave, then add it to your hand with its own effect, or you can send something like Necromancy to get the engine going. Reanimator decks love this card just because it lets you put your big targets into the grave to be revived later. You can use Apollo to effectively make this a 2-will search any card from your deck. The possibilities are endless.

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