Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #9 - Impressions

As the release date of Legacy Lost draws ever closer, being only a couple weeks away, we're moving out of the dual-attribute cards and seeing the standard single-color guys that round out the set. This particular article was focused more on the Inheritance cards.

Finally, something good. Amaterasu is an 800/800 for 3, which is pretty good, and is one of the few Inheritance cards that has a good resonator effect. She's packing lifelink, which always nice, but also has a recurring effect. 2 light will and resting 2 resonators lets you put her into your field from your graveyard, rested. This gives her pseudo-swiftness since you'll be doing this at the end of your opponent's turn. This one effect gives her so much flexibility. Discarding her for Soul Hunt or Guinevere means she's still live, your opponent making you discard her with something like Lapis' Dark Storm doesn't do much, and it has natural synergy with her Inheritance. It also makes her the best discard target for New Faria's discard/filter skill for Inheritance cards. All-around, she's just solid.

Her Inheritance effect is pretty meh, though. For the cost of playing her, you pump something 800/800 for the turn. That's a LOT of will to leave open for a defensive pump on the opponent's turn, and it's a lot to pay for soft advantage. You can play Interdimensional Escape for the same cost. Faria's ability, though, is important to remember here. She makes the first Inheritance you play each turn free, so a huge stat buff like this with no cost could actually be really strong. An opponent that sees you're tapped out can easily get lulled into a false sense of security.

If this card were released 2 sets ago, it would have been amazing. Preventing ALL damage done by ALL J/resonators for the turn is a panic button against OTK decks. The Machina decks that started topping after BFA came out would completely be shut down by this, and give you an extra turn to mount a comeback. I know of a few R/R Alice's World decks that ran Sprint of the Beast Lady for a huge push from the weenies, and this would have been perfect against that. While we don't see many of these decks anymore, Stealth is still a very prominent force in the meta and this card can definitely stall the Riza-Riza-Melder-Melder fields that pop up out of nowhere. All-in-all, I'd say this certainly warrants a couple slots in the side board if the meta calls for it.

Bastet is one of the more interesting Inheritance cards. She isn't generic in the slightest, but she has legitimately good resonator AND Inheritance effects. While she's a creature, your Cthulhus deal double damage to J/resonators. There's a Beastly Attack combo in here somewhere. There's even more of a Wanderer combo, where we have access to Moojdart to change races. Her Inheritance effect, though, first struck me as meh. Lunya, Yog, Hastur, and Azathoth are really the only cards that see much play that could benefit from this. Lunya definitely doesn't want more Limit counters, and Hastur usually doesn't live long enough to try to give him more counters. Azathoth is the best target, but seeing how difficult he is to get out, it doesn't sound too reasonable.

Yog-Sothoth, though. Flip him early/for cheap, run down his counters, then use Bastet to refill them. He's really strong against Fiethsing turbo, being able to nuke all their 1-drop cards, the refill him with Bastet to hit Gwibers and the 5-costs the next turn. I don't think this will shoot Yog up the competitive ladder, but it'll definitely give him some more viability.

Honestly, while Gleipnir is still legal, I don't see this getting much play. It lets you break even with the draw, but it costs will (albeit only 1) and is a one-time use, versus Gleipnir being usable every turn. Being a red spell, it can benefit from Avatar of Destruction Alisaris, Vell-Savaria, and Nyarlathotep the Crimson Radiance, but it's such a bad play to use any of those that it isn't really worth mentioning. Maybe once Alice Cluster rotates out and we get something that can combo out with this, but until then, I doubt it'll see play outside of sealed.

Oh Milest, how far ye have fallen. The other Six Sages get to be J/Rulers or have cool resonator forms, but you're just a glorified burn spell. Oh well. He suffers the standard Inheritance curse of being a vanilla resonator with a spell effect that is outclassed by existing cards. He has the advantage of New Faria letting you play the ability for free, but is that really worth it? I'd say no. It's worth noting that 600 damage is going to get rid of virtually any 2-drop, so you can do blocker removal stuff, but again, there are better cards for that.

See: Above. There's really nothing auspicious about this guy. For the same total cost as Amaterasu, he's weaker AND doesn't any any sort of abilities. And gives less of a power increase... FoW, why?!? This guy might be good in sealed, but that's really no excuse for him.

Overall, Inheritance is looking a lot weaker than it could/should have been, but I think it'll be a lot more streamlined/effective in testing that in theory crafting. I was really looking forward to the mechanic when Faria got spoiled, and I still plan to build it and mess around with it as I think the deck definitely has potential. I'll wait to see if any other Inheritance cards get revealed/sneak their way into the set before doing a full review on them, so be on the look out for that!

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