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Legacy Lost Spoiler #11 - Impressions

This is a bit early, but since today's spoilers got leaked last night and I'll be gone all week on vacation, I figured I'd throw this up early. There are some diamonds in the rough in this reveal, so I was just too excited to wait anyway.

First off, "official" ruling is that abilities and effects have their source's cost inherently tied to it. So if you have 2 cards in hand Charlotte is immune to something like Space-Time Anomaly, but also immune to Lancelot's burn effect since Lancelot as a card has total cost 2, thus so will his effect. To my understanding, J-Rulers are treated as having cost 0, and I'm not sure how this interacts with God's Arts. There's a lot of ruling mumbo jumbo that's going to come up just from this card's 1 keyword. Assuming she works as described, she has the capability to spawn an entirely new deck based solely around her. Throwing in a bunch of draw cards, or cards that cantrip and replace themselves, will let you play the game while keeping a hand size, then dropping her as a Behemoth.

Obviously she's going to work best with herself as the ruler. Either play her, then flip the next turn to hit a 5-card hand and make her 1000/1000, or flip and then play her the next turn. You'll end up with her as at least a 1000/1000 no matter how you do it, and with immunity to anything 5-cost or less. I'm not sure there's anything higher than 5 cost that's routinely used in the game, so you might just have game at that point. Keep in mind that Barrier won't save her from things that banish, like Lucifer or Soul Hunt, but a lot of those things have fallen out of the meta. As long as you have a deck that can keep a consistent 4-5 hand size, she'll be nigh-unkillable.

Shout out to the Pitch Black Moon / Charlotte's Protector combo. You pitch Charlotte's Protector for the effect of Moon, targeting any resonator (ideally a 2nd Protector) and then draw a card off of Protector's effect, netting you a +1 in hand size. If you have 2 protectors, you get to draw as many times as you have moon will open. A Gill Lapis variant of this deck might spring up from this combo, so watch out!

There's really not much to this card. The thought of getting a powerful resonator for 1 will may seem enticing, but decks tend not to run anything higher than 5 cost, and those are only found in the few decks that focus on them. Most decks cap out at getting a 500/500 with this card, which requires you to get lucky enough to mill that big resonator, which also results in you not having access to it. I'm sure Turbo Fieth would like to lose a Gwiber to get a 500/500 vanilla, right? The only deck this card is remotely viable in would be Shion, where she can stack 7+ cost units with Hydromonica, but even then you're just getting a vanilla unit. Shion would rather stack the 5-costs she can cheese in. Would you rather stack a Remote Control Golem, then mill it with this card for a 1000/1000 vanilla? Or would you rather stack a Celestial Wing Seraph, then flip Shion to get a 1000/1000 body that nets you another resonator? Or Hook, who is a 1000/1000 body that kills 2 of the opponent's stones?

This might have some cute Wanderer uses, though. The OG Cheshire Cat being playable in that format would allow for some on-demand deck stacking, and reanimator decks have a lot of tools to work with in Grimm Cluster, so running tons of high-cost units wouldn't be detrimental. Milling a Yamata with this would mean a 10/10 vanilla AND a Yamata in the graveyard, ready to be revived. This thing actually has tons of Wanderer potential.

Here we have the card I just reviewed, but more expensive and with a body. All there is to talk about here is the opportunity cost. With Fishing you have cheap access to potentially big tokens, whereas with this guy you're paying 2 more will for the same thing, but also a second card with a 700/700 body. I think that Fishing will shine in combo, reanimator-based decks, this guy will shine in something like the new Valentina deck. Bodies are always welcomed, and 2 resonators for 3 will isn't bad by any means. Moojdart will also pump the token 400/400 and the old man by 200/200, so you'd really be getting a 900/900 and 400/400 (minimum) for 3 will. Not bad at all.

It looks like we'll be getting more Pact cards than just the dual typings supported in this set. It isn't a Water/Light card, which is interesting, and it's honestly over-costed for what it does. Draw 2 and bounce 1, at chant speed, isn't all that great. I'm not sure how often you'll get a light resonator and a water resonator out together, since I can't think of any deck that uses that color combo off the top of my head, and I highly doubt that deck would need access to this card anyway. This has the same problem as Foresee, where you just lose too much tempo from playing this card.

Outside of Charlotte, this card had me the most hyped. It's weak as dirt, sure, but it has a built-in hyper advantage engine, meaning it's only a matter of time before someone finds a way to abuse this card. Moojdart makes it a 500/700, which are some decent stats that will keep it from dying to Space-Time, and Necromancy is always a good card. Could you imagine 4 Necromancies on this thing? A 900/1100 that hits your opponent's hand and makes your's bigger? Wait... A 9/11 that hits 2 towers hands...

Image result for illuminati

You heard it here first. FoW Inc. is the Illuminati. If I never make another blog post, you'll know why.

This thing has some serious troll potential. Unfortunately it can't redirect Hook, since he targets 2 things and not 1, but it still has plenty of targets. Stealth is still a strong deck, so imagine rebounding a Melder effect back onto itself, or sticking a Space-Time Anomaly on your opponent's card instead of your own. Valentina will also get a -200/-200 proc off of playing this card, which is important to note. You also don't have to use it defensively either. You managed to take down a Gwiber, but your opponent tries to use Apollo to bounce it and protect it? Nah son, now you're bouncing your own Elf Token. Your opponent uses Magic Sweets to keep their card from dying to a removal spell you cost? How about their Magic Sweets gives one of your cards Barrier for the turn instead. Hijack your opponent's cards for your own advantage! Wait, Hijack...

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