Monday, November 28, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #13 - Impressions: The Finale

Here we are folks, the final spoiler for the set. Oddly enough, we've only seen about 70 or so cards from the set, leaving a good 20-30 cards left unrevealed. This ought to make the pre-release weekend pretty interesting, assuming the unknown cards are actually decent/usable and not vanilla filler slipped in for draft play. That being said, let's see what our grande finale unveiled:

Right off the bat we get Grusbalesta, who is just a wall of text. 600/600 for a 3-drop is pretty abysmal in the stats department, but since he pumps himself for each unique magic stone you control, he'll easily be 700/700 or 800/800, which is reasonable. All of your stone getting Barrier means immunity to Hook, which is nice if you see a lot of Hook play, and especially since one of the top dogs at the moment is Fiethsing Turbo with Alice's Castling Gwiber into Hook. Being able to cycle stones on-enter is also pretty interesting, although I wonder how useful it will actually be. The most obvious use is in Lilias Petal, where you can kill off any non-Killing Stones to try to dig for more. You can also use him with the old Battle for Attoractia J/Rulers, who need their specific stones to function. The stones coming in rested is a bit of a downside, but is reasonable. You can float the will from the dead stones beforehand, so you don't actually lose any will, and you can also use Rewriting Laws to spend that floating will to recover a couple of your new stones.

His final effect is negligible. Virtually no decks run 5 unique stones in their lineup, since it's usually a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 split. I don't even know what a stone base would look like if you were running at least 5 different magic stones, and getting Swiftness that late in the game doesn't mean too much outside of cheesing a win. An 1100/1100 3-drop with Swiftness sounds pretty nasty, though. There's also Shakespeare, if you're playing in Wanderer. She is a 3-drop Void resonator that puts the top stone of your stone deck into play if it doesn't share a name with a stone you currently control. Maybe we'll see some janky build with these two at some point, but I doubt it'll be anything close to competitive.

Here's an interesting little gem. Turning a Magic Stone into a resonator is a neat idea, and is a great way to cheese some damage in. 2 will to generate a 1000/1000 Swiftness beatstick out of nowhere can certainly catch people off guard, although in reality this card's cost is 3 will, since you won't be using it on a rested stone. This feels almost identical to Marybell, the Steel Doll, who is a Regalia that you can turn into a resonator for 5 will, 3 will if you're using Machina as your J/Ruler. Keep in mind that you run the risk of losing a stone if something were to happen to it while it's a resonator, although if you have Grusbalesta on the field it'll have Barrier. I don't expect this card to see much competitive play, but it'll definitely be a rogue card you can be blind sided by if you aren't careful.

This card is completely bonkers. Cancelling a spell, then removing all copies of it from the game? Super strong. It's almost identical to Stories Told in 1001 Nights, a card from Grimm Cluster that did the same thing but to resonators. We're in a much spell-heavier format, though, so this card is sure to make an impact. With cards like Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic and Space-Time Anomaly, which can be remnanted for more value, Curse can essentially hit 8 cards if you time it right. Since Space-Time is a huge advantage engine, removing it from the equation can severely hamper the opponent's strategy. Nuking all copies of a regalia like Artemis Bow or Deathscythe can hobble a Fiethsing deck by removing its free cards it uses to trigger her ability. Sniping a Zero's Magic Light, the cheap defense Zero decks get that let them cheese some attacks through, can slow that deck down immensely. As long as you're paying enough X to make it impossible for the opponent to pay it, you're good. This card is going to take a LOT of skill and good timing to properly utilize, though, since the opponent can still negate it with something like Seal of Wind and Light, or even use their own Curse to remove all of your copies. The mind games will be amazing.

This is one of the more flexible cards we've seen. It isn't at instant speed, and is pretty costly at 3 will, but the range of things it can snipe are great. Anything that's rested: Additions, Resonators, and even J-Rulers! As long as it isn't a magic stone, it's fair game. Do note that it can't kill Rulers, since the rules of the game don't allow Rulers to be destroyed unless a card specifically states "destroy target Ruler." Remnant also means this is essentially two cards in one, giving you two uses off of the one card. Its cost, combined with it not being instant, might mean it won't see competitive play, but after rotation happens and we lose Black Moonbeam, this will be one of the only few cards that can kill J-Rulers on demand, and since we'll also lose all regalia (and thus almost every way to give Imperishable to a J-Ruler), this card is looking to be a strong sleeper.

The final card we got was this Addition, and it's a little meh. You're basically paying 2 mana to get 1 more stone, which is exactly what Magic Stone Analysis does, except this card can recover your Special Stones. There isn't too much Addition hate in the game, and most of it doesn't see competitive play, so you'll be pretty safe when you play this. It's worth noting that when you use Grusbalesta's Secret Technique, the magic stone is considered both a resonator and a stone, so it's still a legal target for this. A 1000/1000 card that can attack twice, or even three times with two of these, sounds like a fun combo to try out. This can also combo with the new Shock Rocks in this set, which have additional effects aside from producing mana, letting you stack up on those effects. There's a lot of potential with this card.

And there we have it! All the spoilers for this set, which hits shelves December 9th. We're looking at the Sneak Peaks this weekend, and I definitely plan on doing articles about any interesting cards we haven't seen yet, but aside from that we've officially closed out spoiler season. Keep your eyes peeled for some neat articles I've got coming up, as I'm going to try to keep this same Tuesday/Friday update schedule. With spoilers no longer taking up all the news, I'll be looking at deck lists, my opinions on other aspects of the game, and more!

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