Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Legacy Lost Spoiler #7 - Impressions

Today's spoiler takes another look at the Red/Blue cards in the set, revisiting Sol and the support he's getting. Spoiler alert: He should really just stick to Ancient Magics. I'll preface this with stating that I think most of this spoiler is just fluff, but I'd rather show you than tell you.

Catalyst Spirit is pretty boring, although at least they made her a good boring. 600/600 is standard for her cost, so she can at least kamikaze with actually good cards. Her only effect is banishing her to put 2 mana counters on your J/ruler, which admittedly isn't the worst effect in the game. Since she costs 2 will, she's essentially a filter card to turn 2 will into 2 mana, while having a 6/6 body in the meantime. Throwing her down to deal with threats/get some early presence, then popping her if the opponent is stupid enough to waste removal on her sounds like a neat idea on paper, but it really just doesn't fit with the deck's goals. You'd much rather dedicate that deck space to combo pieces, ramp cards, or search cards. She's kind of just stand alone in what she does, in a deck that has a lot of moving pieces. Ancient Heartfelt Fire does her job so much better, too.

I kind of lost hope for Inheritance in this set when I saw Rachel. She has the standard 6/6 body for a 2-drop, but her sole effect is her inheritance ability. I'll give her credit for being an instant-speed bounce, but we already had that in the form of Valentina's Resistance (which has the additional option of awakening to bounce 2 resonators), and Sniping from the Blind Spot (which can only hit rested resonators) which is 1 will cheaper to boot. She can be a 6/6 body, but with absolutely no effect. A 6/6 vanilla is going to lose to a 6/6 with an effect (which is just about every other playable 2-drop at this point) so she suffers from the same syndrome every other Inheritance card we've seen has: There's no reason to use her as anything other than a spell. It's worth noting that, due to Inheritance, you can't cancel her bounce with a spell-cancelling card, but that won't come up nearly often enough for it to matter.

This card has some use. A 5-cost Ancient Magic, with Quickcast, that rests all of your opponent's spells and J/resonators. Use this during your turn to ensure an uninterrupted push, or use it at the start of your opponent's turn to severely hamper them. It's important to note that you should be using this AFTER their recovery, but at that point they can rest all their stones to make floating will when you cast this, so unless your opponent is bad, this card is essentially "rest all your opponent's resonators", and for 5 will, that's kind of lackluster. Even if that will comes from mana counters and is basically free. Rising from the Depths, which is a card you WILL be playing in blue, bounces all resonators anyway. If you're having to use this defensively, to rest your opponent's field to keep them from killing you that turn, you'll go into your turn 5 mana down. That's kind of a lot. Like Catalyst Spirit, this card isn't awful, it just doesn't fit into the deck very well.

I'm incredibly salty over this card for purely personal reasons. It's Alisaris' son (yes it's a dude). Does it help the Alisaris deck out? Not at all. It barely even helps out a Luminary deck. If you have removed 2 mana counters this turn and don't have any floating will, you can put 2 mana counters on your J-ruler when he enters. Oh boy, a 3-cost resonator that gives you 2 mana. Of course, mana is permanent, whereas the will spent to play him is gone after the turn cycles, but still. Ancient Magic don't really have too many small turn plays, especially not ones you would try to follow up by playing this guy. 

Here we have what I like to call "Bad Volga." 700/700 for a 3-cost is a little below the curve, but it has a -theoretically- reusable effect, so it makes sense. Things your opponent control HAVE to attack it, and whenever it takes damage, it deals that much back to whatever damaged it. Unlike Arthur, he has no way to self-rest to ensure the taunt can consistently go off, and it doesn't have nearly as much defense. This thing will maybe take 1 card with it when it goes. Decks like Fiethsing, with a bunch of weenies, will likely hate this guy, but aside from her those decks aren't all that common. It can trade with bigger creatures, and is an auto-kill against most any J-Ruler, as well as things like Gwiber and the like. Unfortunately, he just has a really niche use and very low survivability. I'd rather play Volga, who damages the opponent instead of an already-dying resonator.

This guy is pretty neat. Having 3 chants in your grave puts him at the average power level for his cost, and being able to give him Swiftness and/or Flying is icing on that cake. 4 chants let's him beat out everything of the same cost, and he only scales up from there. The only thing keeping him from being an amazing card is the fact that he auto-dies to Horn of the Sacred Beasts, which is/was a popular main deck card that could easily come back if this guy starts to see a ton of play.

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